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1When should you replace your mattress?
The average sleep set last for about 8 years. Not all bodies are the same size and shape and not all beds are created equal. It’s helpful to think of your bed like your running shoes. Those shoes lose their springiness over time, but may not look worse for wear after a year or two. It’s the same with your bed – it loses its comfort gradually, but may not look that bad, but that mattress is not going to last forever.
2Should I replace my base when purchasing a new mattress?
Yes, it is as important as a good mattress. A sprung foundation acts like a shock absorber, taking a lot of the nightly wear and tear, and it contributes to your comfort and support.
3How much should I spend on a new bed?
Prices range greatly, but a good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make, so buy the best bed that you can afford. Most of us spend a 1/3 of our lives I bed. Your investment will cost just cents per night over the next 8 to 10 years!
4How long should my bed last?
It varies according to the type of bed and the amount of usage but, as a general rule, usually every eight to ten years. Simmons give you peace of mind with our warranty against manufacturing faults.
5How do I shop for a bed?
Focus on finding a bed that satisfies your comfort preference first, then your quality and price preference. Remember to buy the best bed you can afford.
6Can I compare my old bed to beds of today?
Design and manufacturing of mattresses has changed dramatically. Technology has improved, new materials have been developed and comfort choices have been expanded to give you a greater selection.
7How do I compare today’s beds?
The best way to really know what you are buying is to try them out. Determine your comfort preference, starting at the top-of-the-line offered by your retailer, compare comforts, and make your purchase.
8What type of bed should I buy for my child?
A Simmons offers correct back support, to support their growing bodies. Don’t skimp when buying a new bed for your child. And we recommend not giving them an old bed.
9Does a mattress need to be firm in order to be good for me?
No! Simmons offer correct support regardless of firmness.
10Which retailer should I choose?
We live in a world of different mattress brands. Choose a retailer with a great reputation for service and integrity. You will be relying on that retailer to take care of your needs. It is up to you to decide the brands (retail and manufacturing) that deserve your business.