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Super Pocketed Coil® springs

There's only one Super Pocketed Coil® spring!
An innovation developed by Simmons, Pocketed Coil® springs are the secret to undisturbed sleep. Unlike the wire-tied springs in ordinary mattresses, Pocketed Coil® springs are not joined at the top or the bottom.

Instead, high carbon steel springs are pre-compressed and placed in durable, non-allergenic fabric encasements.

This allows the Super Pocketed Coil® springs to adjust individually to the weight and contour of your body. Since adjacent springs aren’t tied together, there’s no chain reaction of movement when you turn or move during the night.

Motion Separation

Join the movement to better sleep.
You and your partner toss and turn some 40-50 times a night. So you can see why motion separation is the key to a peaceful undisturbed sleep. Here’s where Pocketed Coil® springs really deliver motion separation. Unlike springs in ordinary open coil mattresses, the Pocketed Coil® springs are pre-compressed and joined in the middle. So when you move or roll, the Pocketed Coil® springs don't bounce with you. They instantly respond and envelop you, assuring an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Why is undisturbed sleep so important?
While exercise is essential for stimulating circulation and the elimination of toxins, quality undisturbed sleep gives your body an opportunity to cleanse, repair, restore and rejuvenate. Could there be an easier way to nourish your body and mind? With a Beautyrest® mattress, you can do it in your sleep.


Cushioning your body at every turn.
Think of the best massage you’ve ever had. Now see how the Pocketed Coil® springs go to work on your body. Wrapped in soft yet strong fabric, they work independently, conforming to the exact shape of your body. Every time you move, the Pocketed Coil® springs instantly respond and move with you. Combine this superior conformability with the cushioning properties of visco memory foam or latex foams available in some models and you have a mattress that provides the ideal combination of comfort and support.

Get pampered and nurtured all night long.
With Pocketed Coil® springs and latex or memory foam providing unsurpassed motion separation and relieving pressure, you’re in for the sleep of your life. There's only one drawback: you may not want to get out of bed in the morning. But when you do, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day